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About EnTranCe

The energy field lab with facilities, technology and the best possible network to develop plans to exceed energy market demands with new energy products and services.

EnTranCe is the field lab where researchers and students join forces with businesses, entrepreneurs, civil society, policy makers and the general public to build our future sustainable society.

EnTranCe offers an inspirational setting, state-of-the-art facilities and technical support for product research, development and testing. These facilities include an interconnected energy bridge where projects can be tested as part of an integrated system. The expertise and network of the parties that cooperate at EnTranCe mean that great ideas can immediately be translated into successful product-market combinations.

Businesses established at EnTranCe are working towards the same goal: sustainable energy. Examples are processing plastic to bio-fuel, flying on liquefied gas, balancing a closed renewable energy network and much more.

EnTranCe was initiated by the Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen, together with BAM, GasTerra and Gasunie, and is a part of the Energy Academy Europe.


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