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22 Mar 2017


22 Mar 2017


Zernikelaan 17, Groningen

EnTranCe | ETC | Meet up: Design Thinking

Design thinking is a method that begins with empathy, learning from the people for whom you are designing. What do they think? What are they actually saying? What do they think of your ideas? And what are they doing? With this questions in mind, you develop a preliminary design question that always begins with “how to ….”. All based on empathy.

Further, creativity plays an important role in design thinking. To have good ideas, you first need to brainstorm. Design thinking is an iterative method. It is important to make prototypes of your initial ideas very quickly and test them with users, payers and / or decision-makers. Design thinking is an active method that helps you quickly find the right direction.

Design thinking is human-centered, it’s a design-based approach that helps organizations and people to innovate and grow.  Adam Brown, the CEO and president of the innovation and design firm IDEO, is a leading proponent of design thinking—the method to meet people’s needs and desires in a technologically feasible and strategically viable way.

The workshop is given by Immo Dijkma, Founder of Hanze Design Factory.

(What is Human-centered Design? from on Vimeo)

Immo Dijkma

With a degree in business and a master in entrepreneurship and training, Immo Dijkma gives lectures at the Hanzehogeschool. Besides that Immo Dijkma owns BestFramed, a company specialized in supporting the realization of innovations, stimulating entrepreneurial behavior and incite an organization culture where experimenting, testing and creativity are business as usual.

This event is part of the program of the EnTranCe Energy Transition Community. Students, who are currently writing their final thesis assignment and are doing a projects or internship for EnTranCe, are part of this weekly meet-up program. If you wish participate, please sent an email to Monique Drent


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