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23 Mar 2017



RUG Executive Course | The Community-Centric Energy Transition

The Community-Centric Energy Transition Module is a state-of-the-art energy course in 6 days, starting March 23, 2017. Participants will be exposed to a combination of concrete experiences, forward-looking research and unorthodox views. Interactive exchanges between industry and academia will help develop new insights on:

The energy transition is about more than energy. This course explores how people, local communities and innovators are turning old paradigms on their head to create economic value in keeping with broader aspirations. Based in frontier academic research and business ingenuity, a rigorous framework is used to map the transition from a community-centric, consumption driven perspective. From the start, participants are involved in a case to create alternative paths towards a more decentralized, economically efficient and socially desirable system.

RUG is unique in hosting a spectrum of world-class expertise that can illuminate this deeper transition from consistently applied disciplines ranging from electronics and nano-science to economics, law, sociology and psychology. The first module investigates the changing demand side. The second module combines two fields usually addressed separately and yet intertwined: energy supply and energy policies. The concluding module brings these insights to bear on the discussion of alternative models whereby communities and companies can come together in a more decentralized energy system.

This course is focused on decentralized energy transition. If you are more interested in the global challenges of energy transition we would like to refer to The International Mini MBA Energy Transition and Innovation from the Energy Delta Institute.

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