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The Energy Transition Community (ETC) brings people together and provides the setting for participation, co-operative learning and knowledge sharing. The aim is to educate and form a new type of professional: The Energy Changemaker, innovative and creative professionals who can accelerate the energy transition. Students who are writing their bachelor thesis at EnTranCe, are doing an internship at EnTranCe or are part of a project will be participation in the program of the Energy Transition Community.
Multi-level (vocational – bachelor – master), multidisciplinary (technical, business, communication, legal perspectives), knowledge sharing and networking are key features of ETC. Not surprising since energy transition is a multifaceted process.

To support participating students, the ETC provides individual or group coaching and so-called Weekly Meet-ups. The coaching focuses on the personal -, team – and network development of the individual. The Meet-ups are organized once a week featuring different guest speakers on energy transition topics and the professional development. Moreover, workshops and knowledge sharing events are part of the Meet-Up Program. For more information about the Energy Transition Community send an email

Anyone with a strong motivation to contribute to the energy transition can participate in ETC. Check here for projects, internships and thesis assignments. Participants can work together within two contexts.

1. Change Agencies

A change agency is a merger of individuals with an interest in the same topic. Within the change agency, the group is working on a wicked problem. Such a problem is often difficult to solve because of its complexity and lack of clarity. Within a change agency professionals, researchers, government representatives and students decide on an intriguing question and different and out-of-the-box ways to tackle the question. Such a way of working is more demanding for students, as they are responsible for setting their individual goals with the agency. This also means that they can explore their own interests to a greater extent than in normal projects. Within the ETC three Change Agencies exist:
  1. Sustainable Buildings
  2. Local Communities
  3. Sustainable Mobility

2. Innovative energy projects

Innovative energy projects are assignments from  the professional practice. These projects are carried out as a placement/internship or a graduation project.


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