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Are you interested in writing an assignment within the wider context of energy transition? Do you have a strong motivation to become an energy change-maker? Do you wish to actively contribute to a sustainable future? Than take your chance and apply directly for one of our assignments. All you have to do is to
  1. Check the assignments below for the most suitable one*
  2. You can sign up here to apply with your personal motivation letter, your Curriculum Vitae (CV) and the topic you wish to be involved in
Here you can find the assisgnments per Change Agency. For an overview per study click here

Sustainable Mobility
Fiets in de keten- Fietsparkeren op een P+R locatie
Beleving van veiligheid van het tanken van waterstof
Electric vehicles- Solar PV- Smart Charging- Car Sharing
Hyundai Car Sharing Ameland
Bikeshare050 – Tipping point Analysis
Optimale plaatsing laadpalen
Safe solution for Cyclist-Smartphone Interaction

Local Communities
Hyundai Car Sharing Ameland
Hoe kunnen relevante stakeholders in de bouw betrokken worden bij energietransitie?
Tevredenheidsonderzoek bij toeristen als leidraad in de implementatie van de Sustainable Development Goals (United Nations)
Kennis disseminatie project Duurzaam Ameland

Sustainable Buildings
Domes als scholenbouw Noord Nederland
Transition of school building process of end-users position
Transition of future proofing school-building design
Transition of school building process
Transition of school building

Individual Energy Projects
App voor energy verbruik
Auxillary power Units & Ground power Units op Natural Gas.
Designing an acoustic dead box
Designing a frame to accommodate isolation an acoustic measurements 
Feasibility study into alternative fuel storage capabilities of Natural Gas CNG and LNG in the General and Business Aviation
Research internal climate Energy Barn
Heating systems EnTranCe
Regeltechniek gebouwen
Small Wind Turbines/Fortis 1/ Rotor blade geometry optimization
Small Wind Turbines/Fortis 2/ Generator system optimization
Small Wind Turbines/Fortis 3/ Data Monitoring system
What to do with a surplus of sustainable electrical energy
Onderzoek naar optimale schotelveer voor energieopslag

*If you cannot find a suitable assignment in the list below or you have an idea of your own, please also contact No idea what a project in relation to the topic energy might be? Check out the project posters from a previous semester.  


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