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Invitation 24 Hours of Reality by Al Gore

Invitation 24 Hours of reality by Al Gore December 5th, 15:00 hours Energy Barn, EnTranCe Zernikelaan 17 Groningen

The new movie ‘An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power’ by Al Gore can now be seen in the cinema. There will be a 24-hour live TV documentary about the movie on December 4th and 5th from New York. During this show they’ll take a closer look at the technological developments, possible solutions and global agreements. The 16th hour of this show is about the European Union. There will be a live connection with New York from our Energy Barn so we’ll be part of the documentary. You are welcome to attend this special live broadcast. For more information see
Invitation 24 Hours English
Uitnodiging 24 Hours Nederlands


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