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Renewable Energy in the Netherlands

Renewable Energy in the Netherlands is a monthly update of the state of the Dutch (renewable) energy situation. Each month a detailed presentation is published with the newest insights in the data and developments.
October 2018: In October, the Netherlands produced on average 7.3% of its final energy consumption in the form of renewables.
September 2018: In September 2018 the Netherlands produced 80% more energy from solar panels compared to September 2017
June 2018: In June 2018 the Netherlands had a new record of 8.6% renewable energy
May 2018: In May 2018 the Netherlands had a new record of 8.4% renewable energy
April 2018: In April 2018 the fraction renewable electricity was at a record level of 16.5%
March 2018: In March 2018, the Netherlands produced 7.0% of its final energy consumption in the form of renewables
February 2018: Percentage renewable in the Netherlands was 6.3%, compared to the 6.1% last year. 
January 2018: High percentage renewable energy in the Netherlands in January: 6,6%, compared to last year when it was 5,3%

December 2017: Wind electricity generation was 1.32 TWh, 60% higher than in December 2016
November 2017:The percentage renewable energy in November was 6,5%
October 2017: thanks to high availability of wind last October, the percentage renewable energy jumped to 7.7%, up from 5.9% in October 2016
September 2017: In September 2017, our gross final energy consumption increased by 2.6% y-o-y; nevertheless, our CO2 emissions remained flat
August 2017: In August 2017 the fraction renewable energy was 6.9%
July 2017: In July 2017 the fraction renewable energy was 6.4%, down from 6.7% in July 2016
June 2017: In June 2017 the fraction renewable energy was 7.2%, up from 6.4% in June 2016
May 2017
April 2017: In April 2017, 15% of all power consumption in the Netherlands was renewable
March 2017:In March 2017, the percentage of renewable energy was 6.5%, up from 5.5% in March 2016.
February 2017: In February 2017, wind energy production in the Netherlands has reached a record level
January 2017:In January 2017, Dutch CO2 emissions were 10% higher than last year
Based on this renewable energy data model, a real-time application, sponsored by SER and others, has been launched: (for more info click here).

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Overview 2015

In 2015, solar PV generation increased sharply to more than 1 TWh

Renewable Energy in NL 2015

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