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A measurable home | The Meethuis

The Meethuis is a testing facility to conduct reference measurements for heating techniques and applications running on natural gas and will further provide the opportunity to test different forms of facade solutions.

Through the simulation of real-life living situations with a special focus on temperature changes, the Meethuis will put new and already existing heating techniques – such as heat pumps – to the test with the aim to establish the most efficient use of natural gas for heating purposes.

Simply speaking: how can you make the most of the available natural gas?

Within the construct, two rooms will be developed. These rooms can be seen as cooling cells and will show how much heat an application generates, how much natural gas it uses and how much it will cost.

The Meethuis is currently build at the EnTranCe location and will serve as an testing location not only for GasTerra, but also for students and business partners.

The Meethuis is a collaborative project by GasTerra and EnTranCe.

More information about the Meethuis will be posted soon.



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