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Bareau | Autogenerative High Pressure Digestion

With AHPD Bareau is able to generate green gas from biomass or waste water in a single step. The required energy is entirely generated organically and sustainable. The biotic pressure in this second-generation high-pressure autogenerative fermentation process is entirely built up by micro-organisms, which naturally act the same on the sea bottom and other extreme conditions. The pressure is first used to separate carbon dioxide, through which green gas or bio methane is produced. Following, the same green pressure is used to power the installation, as a biological steam engine. Organic suspended solids, wastewater from kitchens (gray water) and toilets (black water) can be used as an influent for AHPD. The influent is pumped into an reactor, which is heated to 30-35C with a pressure of 20 Bar, that treats the wastewater using three biological processes initiated by bacteria (mesophyll) in the methanogenic biomass: Hydrolysis, Acetogenesis and Methanogenesis. AHPD_Plaatje   In a first stage, by adding water, biopolymer chains are broken down into organic substances through hydrolysis. Secondly, through Acetogenesis, the remaining components are converted to acid by acetogens. Lastly, the Methanogenesis coverts the acetate into methane and carbon-dioxide. Bareau is a company specialized in water and energy technology. It was founded as a research and development company for wastewater treatment and green gas production in 2005 by Kirsten Zagt in Heerenveen (NL). Within two years Bareau developed a the new method to treat wastewater and produce green gas – AHPD.

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Bareau BV Zernikelaan 17 9747AA Groningen (NL) More information about Bareau can be found on their website.


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