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CH Energy BV | From waste to oil and gas

CH Energy BV is a pioneer in the field of recycling non-recyclable waste. That seems a paradox, but it is not. CH Energy has developed an unique system which is capable to convert all kinds of non-recyclable waste into usable gas and oil. In addition, all residual products of the recycling process can be separated for reuse. The main part of the residual products consists of pure carbon, which is excellent as a raw material for new products. Any metals in the waste remain in their original state and are therefore reusable. The unique CSTDRP recycling process Waste treatment plants currently running are trying to recycle as much waste as possible. However, there is still a considerable amount of waste that remains. This waste is often in such a state that it can no longer be reused. CH Energy developed a system, which makes it possible to recycle and process this remaining waste in an environmentally friendly and low-cost manner. The waste is converted to high fossil oil and gas, which can then easily be stored in transport-ready tanks. The core of the system developed by CH Energy, – the Closed System Thermally Depolimerisation Refining Process (abbreviated CSTDRP system) – is a catalytic cracking process. In this unique process, the first step is to heat up the waste, which will thereby convert to gas. Hereafter, the gas is treated by a continuous catalyst. In a third step this “treated” gas is cooled in the condenser to condensed gas (oil) and non-condensable gas (a mixture of natural gas and LPG). Due to the heat, all substances, which cannot be gasified, are transformed into carbon, which exhibits the most similarities in terms of composition with coal. Also the waste residue, for example metal, glass and stone, is processed. After the cracking process, these materials, together with the carbon, remain behind in the reactor. These residues can easily be separated from the carbon and offered for further reuse. CHEnergy_Installatie

Who are we?

CH Energy wants to make a positive contribution to the quality of life of our planet, with respect for all the earth gives and all that lives. We are further a strong supporter of the circular economy.

What do we do?

Our contribution includes the recycling of non-, or difficult to recycle waste to the original raw materials. We developed a process by which we can convert almost any type of waste directly into usable oil and gas. The by-products are pure carbon, metals and other elements. These residues can be brought back to their pure form with contemporary techniques and can therefore be used again.

What is our contribution to the energy transition?

The drive of CH Energy Zernike BV is to edit existing waste streams, which are no longer recyclable (so-called End Of Life Waste), so they still make a positive contribution to the environment. We do this by processing waste, which otherwise would end up in inefficient incinerators or be discharged/disposed, into oil, gas and carbon. All three products contribute enormously to the reduction of CO2 and saving of natural resources. The beauty of the products we produce from EOLW is that we do not need to install a new infrastructure, add new engines or build machines – all these products can be used with existing engines and installations. Another important element is that we are using around 10% of the energy we generate for our own plant, which accounts to a high positive energy footprint.

Why are we affiliated with EnTranCe?

The concept of EnTranCe draws us enormously. The surrounding allows us to develop ourselves further through the present innovative drive at EnTranCe, providing a dynamic flow for people and businesses. The combination of practice and education is in our view essential for innovation. EnTranCe simultaneously is a platform for multiple projects at one location, which also gives the opportunity to present ourselves and show what we do to a wider audience. Furthermore, due to an existing ‘flexvergrunning’ (flexible permit), changes/modifications regarding the system can be implemented quickly without lengthy delays and underlying procedures. Moreover, because EnTranCe is a center for education and innovation it attracts a lot of visitors like students, entrepreneurs, managers of energy related business, an so on. This can assists us to effect a fast scale up of our own technology.

What can thirds parties expect of our business?

We help refuse collectors to process their End Of Live Waste, without the need for incineration or landfill, which would be a waste itself in addition to creating a heavy environmental impact. The companies who take our products for power generation automatically contribute to the reduction of CO2 and helping to save our earth.

What is our vision for the future?

We strive to find a solution in order to achieve a 100% recycling of waste and to convert this waste to various forms of energy (oil and gas) or products that would save our natural resources. This is accompanied by the ultimate aim to achieve this on an economic basis, which will not lead to increased costs for processing waste, and an energy market that is not dependent on subsidies while still being “green” energy. All this comes together in the economic circular economy and the technical circular economy.

Contact information

CH Energy BV Zernikelaan 17 9747 AA    Groningen  (NL) P.O. Box 3037 9747 AA  Groningen  (NL) More information about CH Energy can be found at their website. ChEnergy_Logo


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