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RIO projects en de Rabobank Stad en Midden Groningen


The EnergyBarn is a sustainable building, built of local components. It is a project that encourages people and organizations to think creatively about their local capabilities in the region. Through the active involvement of education (MBO, HBO and WO) young people shall be motivated to participate in this project, which demonstrates that there are local opportunities to work and produce sustainably. The EnergyBarn is built in an original way and inspired by Groningen barn models. The construction makes use of straw as a basis for the walls of the barn. The advantage is that straw is an environmentally friendly product. It is a waste product, which is recycled in a responsible way. An advantage of straw bale construction is also the earthquake-resistance of the building material. The EnergyBarn was commissioned by the Hanze University Groningen and is located at the Zernike Campus in Groningen, Zernikelaan 17.

High-tech equipment in a shell of straw and developed by multidisciplinary teams

Today, energy is one of the most important tasks of society. The EnergyBarn shows how the energy of the future can be shaped. For example, there are hydrogen sheets, algae biomass and smart solar cells used. To realize the EnergyBarn, students, teachers, businesses, and (end) all users together. This project is special, not only because of the energy transition, but also because people work together in a multidisciplinary team; students, teachers, businesses and institutions collaborate to realize the project. The EnergyBarn fits in the concept of the study-work environments of the Hanze University of Applied Sciences and the Alfa-college. The Hanze students will primarily focus on the development and realization process, the Alfa-college students will focus on the construction. Companies will provide knowledge and ensure that the project runs smoothly. The company RIO projects will serve as the leader of the project. Once the EnergyBarn is finished, it offers opportunities for businesses, schools and government to meet each other, to receive people and organize events. To gain experience in building with straw and working in multidisciplinary projects, two smaller straw construction projects in Kloosterburen will be realized prior to the development of the EnergyBarn. More information about these projects wil follow.


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