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Grunneger Power, GasTerra, Hanze University of Applied Sciences

Grunneger Solar

Grunneger Power is partly derived from the ‘Transition Town Groningen’ movement. The premise of this movement is: “Citizens who want to live sustainably, should do this themselves, step by step and in their own environment.” For example, by choosing more locally produced food and/or generating it itself and provide each other renewable energy. Grunneger Power managed to bring people together who understand the concept of shared knowledge and skills in the world of energy and technology. The knowledge level is very high. All specialists work voluntarily. The success of Grunneger Power is due to this. Local work has a visible impact in the environment. The advisors can go to the members by bike, to advise on good solar panels. Quality is important. Grunneger Power shares the knowledge and love fully with other northern cooperatives. Hereby, Grunneger Power grows to professionalism while maintaining its values: local, fair, transparent, simple and durable. Grunneger Power has created its own local sustainable energy company. Anyone in the Netherlands can become a customer. Grunneger Power focuses on the province of Groningen. This energy company is a means to a higher purpose. That makes it a ‘new style’ business. It is completely run with extensive knowledge of the energy world, but remains (unique) part of the cooperative and complies with the statutory obligation: “Profits are reinvested in local and sustainable projects in the region from the energy company.” In addition to solar panels to generate electricity, there is an increasing demand for the production of heat with sun, so-alled thermal energy. To gain experience and to advise the members well, the project Grunniger Zon is started. Together with students, the project researches the actual income and the way the installation can be tuned properly to realise an economically and technically optimal system.


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