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Hanze University of Applied Sciences, TNO, Westland Infra, iNRG, GasTerra, Gasunie, RWE, Hooghalen Duurzaam.


The objectives of I-Balance are the following: 1. Balancing local consumption and production of energy; 2. Flexible integration of decentralized energy in the electricity and gas network; 3. Developing an integral energy model for balanced and flexible integration of decentralised energy. The project I-Balance is implemented by a combination of knowledge institutions, SMEs, large enterprises and applied research. Based on existing fundamental and industrial knowledge are/is: 1. new concepts for decentralized energy developed; 1. 2 ICT protocols for power electronics on network quality and stability developed; 2. a new integral balance model developed; 3. the concepts tested in practice by real-time energy monitoring to fifty households in the municipality Hooghalen (Drenthe).

Here you can find a movie about electric vehicles in Groningen.


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