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Noorderlijk Lokaal Duurzaam| Energy from the own grounds

Noorderlijk Lokaal Duurzaam (NLD) is the cooperative energy supplier from and for the North. They were founded on the idea that individuals must take the production and delivery of local sustainable energy into their own hands to really make a difference. They use the proceeds from energy produced by the local energy initiatives to make the own living environment more sustainable. This ambition is necessary in order to enable the transition to a sustainable society for all residents of the North. Not top-down but bottom-up organized.

NLD is formed by three umbrella cooperatives: Ús Koöperaasje, Drenthe Boulder and GrEK. As they are a cooperative, these umbrella cooperatives are also our members. This means that each cooperative is one-third owner of NLD. Each cooperation represents their individual members and the affiliated local cooperatives that sell the local renewable energy, and are given a fixed amount per customer supplied. That way the initiatives are directly participating in their (energy) policy.


Contact information

Noorderlijk Lokaal Duurzaam
Zernikelaan 17
9747 AA Groningen  (NL)
Telefoon: 085 – 0160 111

Postbus 1666
9701 BR Groningen

More information about Noorderlijk Lokaal Duurzaam can be found at their website.



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