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Solar Energy Technology Centre (SOLENTEC)

Knowledge for all!

At the moment, there is little knowledge about the differences between solar panels. The Solar Energy Technology Centre (SOLENTEC) wants to create a platform on which a diversity of solar panels will be tested, in cooperation with Sunrenity, EnTranCe and the community of Groningen (The Netherlands). The goal of these tests is offering knowledge to suppliers and fabricators of solar panels as well as offering knowledge to consumers about the amount of energy generation and the influence of weather conditions and solar radiation. Eventually, this will result in an open-source database, which will be available for every interested party. All to make the world of solar panels more transparent and to create more innovation in the industry.

What is our core business?

Our mission statement and vision

The mission statement of SOLENTEC is to create and share knowledge in an objective way to make the solar panel industry more transparent, because the knowledge in question is not publicly available. The vision of SOLENTEC is to become the worlds biggest solar energy testing centre. An ambitious, but realistic vision according to us. With our intention to share the created knowledge with every interested party through an open-source platform, we already established a potential international orientated organisation.

Comparison test

To test the different kinds of solar panels we created the comparison test. With this test we will compare a variation of solar panels of different suppliers and fabricators. It is essential that the comparison test will be approached and performed in an objective way. Therefore, the tested solar panels will not be enquired at the supplier or fabricator directly, but they will be taken out of the mainstream sales channels. This ensures reliable and realistic test results.

Professional setting

SOLENTEC will use the facilities of EnTranCe (Energy Transition Centre) for the comparison test. This facility is located at the ‘Zernike’ terrain in Groningen and is well known as a specialist in researching sustainable energy. It also provides researchers and knowledge about sustainable energy, which safeguards the continuity of our test. This ensures a professional environment for our tests. In addition, the technicians possess the right certification and experience for the job.


We will also focus on the innovative aspect of the solar panels in the future. Different laboratories will be used, where a variation of solar panels will be tested. The goal of this is to gather more knowledge about solar panels to eventually realize improvements in the use of solar panels.


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