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Sameen, Energy Academy Europe, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen

Solar panel test set-up for Energy Academy Europe’s new building

A new building is being constructed at the Zernike Campus for Energy Academy Europe. The building is highly energy-efficient and has been designed to generate its own power as far as possible. A special PV roof will satisfy the lion’s share of the building’s power requirements. This roof uses photovoltaic cells, also referred to as PV cells. These PV cells are the most well-known and commonly used type of solar cell. The solar panels are mounted in an unusual, multifunctional configuration on this special roof. One function is to generate energy obviously, but because they are installed vertically in certain sections, they also allow a maximum amount of daylight into the interior, thereby reducing the use of artificial lighting. Three types of panel were tested for energy yield in a mock-up at EnTranCe and the most efficient panel was chosen based on those results. A total of 133 triangular panel supports have been constructed. The complete roof system comprises 2000 panels generating 521 kWp. The test configuration results were measured and logged by the solar energy knowledge centre (Zonne Energie Kennis Centrum) and Sameen. All of the measurement data has been made available via i-Share so that it can be accessed by all of the other research institutes at EnTranCe.


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