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Zernike Advanced Processing Facility (ZAP) | Working together on practical projects

From September 2015, project leader Derwin Schorren welcomes the first students to work in the Zernike Advanced Processing Facility (ZAP) on the EnTranCe grounds. A long-cherished wish of the business community and knowledge institutions is hereby fulfilled. With this new facility companies are able to engage in practical research and it allows students to work on actual cases from the field of process industries. Hereby, vertical learning is applied during which students of MBO, HBO and universities work together on practical projects. Zernike Advanced Processing Facility (ZAP) The ZAP facility consists of a process hall, in which will be worked on research and teaching assignments given by the industry and is further used as a teaching space. Noorderpoort and the Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen started part of their training in ZAP already in September 2015. Moreover, the University of Groningen will make use of this space for field-based research in cooperation with the MBO and HBO. With ZAP companies in the process industries want to optimize their processes Agricultural products have in common that they contain a lot of components, which may be used for other foods or even in non-food products (such as plastics). When products for the market are being processed some waste remains – the biological residual current. Usable components are existent in these these residues. Companies in the process industry extract those usable components for further processing them into food and other products. This process is accompanied by the use of (a lot of) energy and is costly and usually not sustainable. The process industry wants to optimize its processes further. That means that the companies want to pursue increasingly better results at less cost, in less time and with less and/or alternative energy consumption. ZAP is engaged in transforming knowledge into commercially viable products, processes or services The process industry is also trying to fabricate new products. For this facility (plant) is uses, wherein the instrumentation is larger than in a laboratory: a scale-up factory. ZAP is a scale-up factory for small upscaling and will focus primarily on converting organic (residual) flows into usable components. Named differently, ZAP adheres its engagement in the first phase of the valorisation; transforming knowledge into commercially viable products, processes or services. With ZAP companies find a partner for the execution of process technology research A number of companies already indicated to place short-term installations with ZAP, where – together with knowledge institutions – can be worked on research and teaching assignments. Large companies such as AVEBE and the SuikerUnie want to have educated people in their workplaces. ZAP is – as a semi-industrial setting – the perfect facility to provide students with specific skills. Moreover, SMEs are approaching the Institute of Life Science and Technology of the Hanze University Groningen with practical process technology questions. In ZAP they soon find a partner that can carry out practical process technology investigations. Interested in ZAP? Please contact the project manager Derwin Schorren: ZAP is an initiative of Bildschirmfoto 2016-02-22 um 15.31.09


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