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SAMEEN | Matching students with energy related problems

SAMEEN is a student cooperation, which offers part-time jobs to talented students with a distinct interest in the topic of energy with energy. Within these part-time jobs the students are working on energy-related assignments, projects and researches for organizations within and outside the energy sector. During the assignment, the student(s) receive support from the multidisciplinary management team of SAMEEN. All the knowledge gained by SAMEEN is gathered in the SAMEEN knowledge database. This knowledge helps SAMEEN to find better and faster solutions for future challenges. Projecten

Who are we?

SAMEEN is a student cooperative in the field of renewable energy, which has been developed by students, is run by students and is for students. We want to ensure that students can contribute in finding the new energy solutions of the future in the form of part-time jobs. The students of SAMEEN help organizations, within and outside the energy sector, in a cooperative, independent and affordable way to achieve their ambitions. All the knowledge gatherd by SAMEEN is stored in the SAMEEN knowledge database. This knowledge will help us to find better and faster solutions for future challenges.

What do we do?

Since 2012, we, together (in Dutch translated to ‘sam(e)en’) with our members, are committed to the transition to 100% renewable energy in the Netherlands. How do we do that? By simply creating an environment in which students can maximize their talent and enthusiasm and organizations can benefit from this. SAMEEN offers students the opportunity to personally develop with a part-time job, gain work experience and build a professional network. During the assignment, the student(s) who received support from our multidisciplinary management team.

What is our contribution to the energy transition?

Through matching talented students from different disciplines with different clients, we contribute to the energy solutions of the future. SAMEEN students participate in all sorts of projects, assignments and suppording roles in companies to effectively move towards energy neutrality. To do so we make use of a multidisciplinary approach, as each and every problem has multiple angles and cannot be seen as unilaretal. Hereby, also students who do not have an affilitation with the topic of energy can make a useful contribution to the transition towards sustainability. In this way, we actively involve young talents in the energy transition and hope to thereby realize an acceleration.

Why are we affiliated with EnTranCe?

‘Sam(e)en kom je verder dan alleen’ (Together you come futher than alone) is our motto. We do this by on the one hand always making the link between EnTranCe and our projects and, on the other hand, tackle the projects that fall outside the time frame or curriculum of the students who are part of a minor, internship or graduation at EnTranCe. In this way we are trying to reinforce and support each other.

What can thirds parties expect of our business?

SAMEEN is working demand-driven and appoints talented students to various problems issued by businesses and governments. The current developments of energy-related problems require a multidisciplinary and integrated approach. It is not only important to find a perfect technical solution. Moreover, the mindset of stakeholders, the way in which the solutions are put in the market and the legal challenges surrounding the problems play an important role when striving for an acceleration of energy transition. For our assignments we employ only enthusiastic and passionate students, who are equipped with sufficient knowledge concerning the particular subject. After a suitable match between student and client has been found, the student will be supervised by the SAMEEN board. In short, SAMEEN works with students from different disciplines and provides an optimized collaboration between these talents and our clients. DSC_0217

Contact information

SAMEEN Groningen Zernikelaan 17 9747 AA Groningen (NL) +31 (0) 6 453 057 24 More information about SAMEEN can be found at their website. SAMEEN_logo_nieuw


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