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TNO | Hybrid Energy System Integration (HESI Lab)

via TNO At the EnTranCe grounds in Groningen, TNO opened a laboratory focused on system integration: the HESI facility. At this location TNO, together with partners and customers, will test energy systems to make them more sustainable in an affordable way without compromising the reliability of the existing energy system and energy supply. This means that the current separate operating energy systems must be integrated with a (new) sustainable energy system. It creates hybrid (electricity, heat and gas) energy systems. The HESI facility offers an unique set of value propositions and technical services for projects that focus on hybrid energy systems. It is equipped with state of the art energy and data infrastructures in line with the philosophy of TNO’s four layer model of energy systems. Being able to separate the physical world from the services world is a key concept that is a foundation of the HESI facility. Hybrid energy systems are systems where infrastructures for power, gas and heat are combined to offer the optimal solution for energy demand. The HESI facility offers standardized facilities from connectivity to the energy infrastructures to lease of energy equipment, combined with ICT infrastructures that enable advanced control, simulation and scalability experiments. The facility is the risk reducing step before large scale deployment of innovations in energy systems. The HESI facility provides a full package of standardized services to projects that make use of the facility. The facility bridges the gap between proof of principle and the deployment of hybrid energy system technology in real life. Combined with other disciplines such as legislation, regulation and socio-economics it is a crucial environment contributing to a successful energy transition. For more information about the HESI lab click here. TNO


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